Monday, February 15, 2010

ADSR5 Wk2/CH#3

Here is my LO for the first of this weeks challenges. This weeks host is Scrappers Online, and their challenge is to 1/ Selective colour your photo. 2/Journal at least 20 words or more...telling a story. Focusing or highlight a couple of words. 3/ Add a date, not just typing it in somewhere, we are to be creative.

Friday, February 12, 2010

ADSR5 - Week1

Here is my first page, we had to scrap about our partner & lift a LO of theirs for it.
I lifted Pene's "A piece of my heart".

and here is my lift

For the second Challenge, the  theme was, 5 things I love about... You had to
use 5 fonts &/or alphas, 5 photos, with one of the photos having the number 5
in it & 5 different elements of the same kind.
Here is mine.

Will be back next week with the next round of challenges.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And we're off and racing!!!!!!!

The first challenge is up, you can see it here.

The rules are:

1) Your layout is about your partner. Introduce your partner to us. How you do this is entirely up to you. You can interview them, you can send them a questionnaire, you can use 5 words that best describe them, you can journal how you met for this race, or if you've been partners for years, you can make your page about a friendship that started with a crazy internet race and has since turned into so much more. The only rule is, the layout is about your partner and you need to tell us something about them.

2) You must include at least one photo of your partner. Large, small, color, b&w, of their face, back of their head, feet, whatever. But it must be a picture of your partner.

3) You must choose one layout from your partner's gallery and scraplift that as the page design for your layout. Only the placement of items is needed. You don't have to lift the colors, theme, etc. Just the overall placement of papers, elements, title and journaling.

So I lifted this gorgeous LO from Vicki's Gallery at Digiridoo Scraps called "Adorable".

And this is what I came up with!

ADSR Gallery

All supplies are from the beautiful Dream Catcher by Elise's Bits, available in the Digiridoo Scraps shop.

Splendor B&W photo action by CoffeeShop.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi, I am excited to be teaming up with Pene for my first ADSR, we are team 102...yay!!!
I am a little nervous as this will be my first competition. Will be back with more updates later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A new year and a new season of ADSR!!!!

Hello and welcome!
This year, I have partnered up with the beautiful Vicki for her first year of ADSR!
I can tell already it's going to be a great season!
We are waiting for our registration acceptance and will be updating a few things on the blog, so stay tuned!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Challenge #12 & 13

I am very, very late posting our last couple of challenges for the ADSR4 race which recently finished up so here are my last two submissions.

First up is Challenge #12 hosted by We R Story Tellers. This layout was a joint effort between Pene and I.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS kit from the Snap and Scrap team (papers)
SCHOOL IS COOL from Oscrap collab kit (blue stitches)
GRUNGE WORD ART VERSION 2 from Cre@ Bisontine
SCRAP JOURNAL collab kit from Digital Scrapbook Obsession (ink bottle, pen and notepaper cluster all from BooLand Designs)
Title from We Are Storytellers
SHABBIER CHIC FRAMES from Jen Ulasiewicz

We need more storytellers in this world for who is going to tell the stories once we're gone? I had never really thought of this before I had children of my own but I've always recorded my stories by taking lots of photographs, so that in a way, was my contribution to leaving some memories of my life behind. But without these memories recorded in writing, future generations would not be able to relive my memories, my thoughts or my experiences through my photos. To do that, I needed to be able to record all of my feelings and emotions that went with the events and the moments that I’d captured on film. Thus began my journey into the world of scrapbooking.

I had always kept scrapbooks as a child with pictures from magazines, stickers, postcards, notes, cards, etc and I always thought I was just a hoarder! But I was really keeping ephemera that captures the times throughout my life. Now, through scrapbooking, I have an outlet for my creativity and also an avenue to document my stories for myself to recall and for future generations.

I initially began my journey into paper scrapbooking documenting my first child’s birth. This event was something that I wanted to capture in time and record my pregnancy, my labour, the birth, coming home and beginning our journey into parenthood. Now after having my second child, memories of it all start to fade so it’s one of the most important things to me in my keep on telling these amazing stories of our life. The everyday, little moments like playing at the park, walking the dog or reading a book. These define who we are and paint a picture of what occurred during our generation. Then there are the major events and milestones in our life such as births, weddings, birthdays, holidays and Christmas. Looking through a photo album with no dates, no names and no record of where, what and when means that these memories are gone with us once we leave this Earth. Through scrapbooking, my voice is still going to be heard for many years to come and enjoyed by my friends and family and their families, hopefully carrying on our memories forever. by Sharon Dale

When I was a teenager, I used to keep a ‘day book’ – a cross between a diary and a scrapbook. I would stick in the day book movie tickets, menus to a restaurant I’d been, photos, receipts, newspaper clippings, quotes that I heard or saw, and journaling about events that had happened. I kept this going for a few years into our marriage, but then life kept getting in the way and I’d put stuff in a box to get back to, but somehow years down the track I never managed to do it.

Just before the birth of my second child, I did a scrapbooking class at Sharon’s house and I never looked back! Before long I filled an album for my first child and of course was right up to date with the birth of my second child. I did our wedding album, honeymoon, birthdays, Christmas’s and any other event that came along. Then I discovered digital scrapbooking and went on a whole new journey of discovery and learning. Of course, my daughter has an album too and I’m now 10 weeks pregnant with my fourth and have already done one layout to document the new life inside me.

What I am learning now and my challenge to myself is to document the everyday as well as the special events that is what I can leave of myself to future generations. I’d love to be able to have a scrapbook of my Nan’s to see what her life was like when she was my age, married and with children (Nan passed away at 100 years of age in 2005). And while my Mum is around for me to ask her, she has forgotten small details with the passage of time, and it is those small details I’d like to know about. I’m excited and honoured to be the storyteller of our family. by Pene Toose

And for the last challenge, hosted by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, we had to do a double-page layout between us (one page each).

Here is my page using items from the Elemental Scraps ADSR4 kit SPRING FLING 2.

Journalling - Toby you're a little trooper and my heart went out to you on your 3rd birthday. You fell and hit your head on the side of your bed! Mummy nearly died when she saw the size of it! But that big lump on your forehead wasn't going to stop you enjoying your birthday! You always get such a diverse range of presents from everyone, so that took away any pain that you were feeling.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My layout for Challenge #11

In lieu of the devastating bushfires we're experiencing in Victoria, Australia, my layout for this week's challenge is asking the question WHY? It's touched a whole nation how horrific and tragic these fires have been with the loss of so many lives, property and animals. Where are all those going to go that have lost their property, how is everyone going to deal with the loss of so many from their communities? So many questions to be answered and such a tragedy to have had to experienced. I've had a few friends affected in the areas so let's pray they can rebuild their lives.

INDIAN SUMMER by New Life Designs
T-PARTY ALPHA by Robin Carlton

Photo downloaded from the internet