Sunday, March 15, 2009

Challenge #12 & 13

I am very, very late posting our last couple of challenges for the ADSR4 race which recently finished up so here are my last two submissions.

First up is Challenge #12 hosted by We R Story Tellers. This layout was a joint effort between Pene and I.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS kit from the Snap and Scrap team (papers)
SCHOOL IS COOL from Oscrap collab kit (blue stitches)
GRUNGE WORD ART VERSION 2 from Cre@ Bisontine
SCRAP JOURNAL collab kit from Digital Scrapbook Obsession (ink bottle, pen and notepaper cluster all from BooLand Designs)
Title from We Are Storytellers
SHABBIER CHIC FRAMES from Jen Ulasiewicz

We need more storytellers in this world for who is going to tell the stories once we're gone? I had never really thought of this before I had children of my own but I've always recorded my stories by taking lots of photographs, so that in a way, was my contribution to leaving some memories of my life behind. But without these memories recorded in writing, future generations would not be able to relive my memories, my thoughts or my experiences through my photos. To do that, I needed to be able to record all of my feelings and emotions that went with the events and the moments that I’d captured on film. Thus began my journey into the world of scrapbooking.

I had always kept scrapbooks as a child with pictures from magazines, stickers, postcards, notes, cards, etc and I always thought I was just a hoarder! But I was really keeping ephemera that captures the times throughout my life. Now, through scrapbooking, I have an outlet for my creativity and also an avenue to document my stories for myself to recall and for future generations.

I initially began my journey into paper scrapbooking documenting my first child’s birth. This event was something that I wanted to capture in time and record my pregnancy, my labour, the birth, coming home and beginning our journey into parenthood. Now after having my second child, memories of it all start to fade so it’s one of the most important things to me in my keep on telling these amazing stories of our life. The everyday, little moments like playing at the park, walking the dog or reading a book. These define who we are and paint a picture of what occurred during our generation. Then there are the major events and milestones in our life such as births, weddings, birthdays, holidays and Christmas. Looking through a photo album with no dates, no names and no record of where, what and when means that these memories are gone with us once we leave this Earth. Through scrapbooking, my voice is still going to be heard for many years to come and enjoyed by my friends and family and their families, hopefully carrying on our memories forever. by Sharon Dale

When I was a teenager, I used to keep a ‘day book’ – a cross between a diary and a scrapbook. I would stick in the day book movie tickets, menus to a restaurant I’d been, photos, receipts, newspaper clippings, quotes that I heard or saw, and journaling about events that had happened. I kept this going for a few years into our marriage, but then life kept getting in the way and I’d put stuff in a box to get back to, but somehow years down the track I never managed to do it.

Just before the birth of my second child, I did a scrapbooking class at Sharon’s house and I never looked back! Before long I filled an album for my first child and of course was right up to date with the birth of my second child. I did our wedding album, honeymoon, birthdays, Christmas’s and any other event that came along. Then I discovered digital scrapbooking and went on a whole new journey of discovery and learning. Of course, my daughter has an album too and I’m now 10 weeks pregnant with my fourth and have already done one layout to document the new life inside me.

What I am learning now and my challenge to myself is to document the everyday as well as the special events that is what I can leave of myself to future generations. I’d love to be able to have a scrapbook of my Nan’s to see what her life was like when she was my age, married and with children (Nan passed away at 100 years of age in 2005). And while my Mum is around for me to ask her, she has forgotten small details with the passage of time, and it is those small details I’d like to know about. I’m excited and honoured to be the storyteller of our family. by Pene Toose

And for the last challenge, hosted by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, we had to do a double-page layout between us (one page each).

Here is my page using items from the Elemental Scraps ADSR4 kit SPRING FLING 2.

Journalling - Toby you're a little trooper and my heart went out to you on your 3rd birthday. You fell and hit your head on the side of your bed! Mummy nearly died when she saw the size of it! But that big lump on your forehead wasn't going to stop you enjoying your birthday! You always get such a diverse range of presents from everyone, so that took away any pain that you were feeling.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My layout for Challenge #11

In lieu of the devastating bushfires we're experiencing in Victoria, Australia, my layout for this week's challenge is asking the question WHY? It's touched a whole nation how horrific and tragic these fires have been with the loss of so many lives, property and animals. Where are all those going to go that have lost their property, how is everyone going to deal with the loss of so many from their communities? So many questions to be answered and such a tragedy to have had to experienced. I've had a few friends affected in the areas so let's pray they can rebuild their lives.

INDIAN SUMMER by New Life Designs
T-PARTY ALPHA by Robin Carlton

Photo downloaded from the internet

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Challenge 11

Wow, second last challenge for the race! Sad really, I don't want it to end!
This challenge was hosted by Scrap Orchard. We had to ask any one person (dead or alive; family, friend, famous or foe) one question. Who would it be and what would you ask them?
My LO is of my maternal grandmother, who left her husband and her daughter (my mother) when my mother was 2, but took their second child with her. She and her daughter were never seen or heard of again. I've always wanted to know why she left and how she could have left? Why take one child and not the other? Does she realise the pain that caused, even 60 years down the track? Does she know about me and my children? Does she care? Is she even alive? So many questions.....

Supplies - Wedding Treasures by Charlie's Digiscraps, Vintage Photo Action by Sarah Batdorf.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Challenge #10

Challenge #10 was a Roadblock and this time it was only me completing it. I had to interview my racing partner Pene, so the random questions were from me to her.

We had to scrap our layout with products from two designers:

** Strawberry Au Lait kit (numbers)
** February Grab Bag - Paper Frames, Blank Slate (polka dot paper), Tiny Paper Flowers

** About a Girl (rose paper, button, dragonfly and cardboard paper)
** Ferntree Fairies (staples, alpha)

Font - Traveling Typewriter

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sharon's challenges

Gosh, I keep forgetting Pene set this blog up and thus I'm a few layouts behind posting here! Pene just posted hers which reminded me!

So here's my layout from the Sunshine Studio's challenge #7:

I have used the Sun Collaboration SUNRISE SPECIAL from Sunshine Studio Scraps


DATE SLIDER from Vicki Parker

Fonts are Gigi and Century Gothic

Okay, next up is Challenge #8 where I chose to scraplift a layout by Catherine Paturet (aka chud23) who's work and also designs are just simply stunning!

I have used the following kits:
** NOEL CHIC by Catherine Designs and Crea @ Bisontine
** DREAM WHISPERS by Jofia Devoe (gold stars)
** PAPER WORD STRIPS by Sugarplum Paperie
** TROPICAL DAIQUIRI by Scrap'it Designs by Brianna Cox (white staple)
** A NEW DAY by D.Pearson (photo prong)

And lastly, I've just completed Challenge #9:

WHERE THE HEART GROWS by Golden Girls Digital Designs (free with the February 2009 Scrap Matters newsletter)

COWS IN THE CORN by Sherrie JD (bird) from Scrap Orchard

PROJECT 365 FREEBIE by Tangie Baxter (tags) - selling at Scrapbook Graphics

COLLAGE ART by Design by Lilian C (padlock) - blog freebie

Fonts : Freestyle Script and Traveling Typewriter

So now, Challenge #10 is due tomorrow night and I have to interview Pene and scrap about the questions she answered. So look out for that layout next. And sadly, we've only got another week to go and this year's ADSR will be over. It's been heaps of fun to travel to all these stores and accepting their challenges. Hope they start planning the next one really soon!

Challenges 8 & 9

Challenge 8 was hosted by Oscraps, and we had to scraplift a LO of our scrapping idol. It was hard picking an idol and then which fabulous LO to lift! I ended up lifting one of Denise's (neeceebee) LOs called Smile Blue Eyes.

Supplies for this LO - Paper and ribbon wrap from Birdsong by Sara of Sweet Blossom Designs, stars from the In a Galaxy far away collab by Snap and Scrap, Brushes from Suddenly Spring by gvalkyrie and Black and White Photoblast action by John Wright.

Challenge 9 was hosted by KB and Friends. I liked this one, and as I only had a couple of photos of my mother as a child, I matched my and Rachel's photo as closely as possible in age.

Supplies - Everything from Cool Change by Brianna Cox of Scrap'it Designs, except the family charm from Baby Boy and the clock from Fired Earth, both by Vicki Parker of A Work in Progress. Template by Caryn of Snap and Scrap, Black and White Photo Blast Action by John Wright. (This is Caryn's first template - how cool is it? You can snag it here from the blog, look under Thursday's Challenge!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 this week was hosted by Sunshine Studio Scraps. It was a nice easy challenge to do when it's 40 degrees in Melbourne! We had to downlaod a lovely mini kit called Sunrise Special and use all the pieces in LO.

Here is my entry:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 was hosted by Inspiration Lane and was a roadblock, meaning only one of us could do it. So I happily volunteered to scraplift one of Sharon's LO's as she has so many wonderful LO's to choose from! The twist was to flip and rotate it.

Here is Sharon's original LO:

And here is my lift of it:

All supplies from Boy's World by Sara of Sweet Blossom Designs and the template is from the Get Boxy Set 1 by Sya's Blueprints.

I can't believe we're half way through the race!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oops, nearly forgot to post my Challenge #5

Hi everyone, here's my submission for Challenge #5 which I nearly forgot to post on here!
Like last week, I did a bit of a collectic, collagey layout which I think is a bit of fun. I just loved that red frame and then found the other ones in CRD's amazing collab kit from her Recent Block party so that's what started me off.
FRENCH CARNIVALE COLLAB kit from Christina Renee Designs
UNITED COLLAB kit from Coralie (glitter splat and bling circle)
THAT'S AMORE from Cinzia Loosemore (wordart, tag, heart)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Challenge 5

Challenge 5 was hosted by Anita Stergiou Designs and we had to use three photo fames but no photos! Let me tell you, I found that trickier than I thought I would. But after some careful thinking I came up with the perfect idea for me at this time:

Yes, for those of you who don't know, I'm expecting our 4th child! Unplanned, unexpected and a bit of a shock for about 5 seconds, but then the excitement took over!!

Supplies - Everything from the Oh Baby january collab kit from Snap and Scrap except the following:'sweet' frame from For the Girls kit by Elemental Scraps, green outer frame from Fan kit by Digi-crea, valentine brushes by Jason Gaylor.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whew, I found this week's challenge by Tangie Baxter Designs to be quite a stretch! However, I'm happy how it's turned out.

I used a lot of bits and pieces for this LO:

  • Alpha from Country Life and old photo mat by Vicki of A Work in Progress
  • Sepia with Colour Photo Basics Action by Melissa Renfro of Scrap Girls
  • Paper, glitter swirls and flowers from Cottage Chic by Flergs of Scrapbookgraphics
  • Beads, frayed heart and ribbon from Wedding Treasures by Sharlene Hudson of Charlie's Digiscraps
  • Staples from Cool Change by Brianna Cox of Scrap'it Designs
  • Paint splats from Fairchild by Britt-ish Designs
  • Dirty overlay by Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Paperie

Challenge #4 for Sharon

Here is my Challenge #4 layout which is part of a Heart & Soul challenge that Tangie Baxter issued. I love ecclectic and collagey type layouts yet I don't do them very often. It's nice to make a bit of a mess and still look at it as being arty. We then had to journal something from our soul, something that inspired or moved us. So here it is, my take on this fun challenge.


LIFE IS ART by Aja Abney & Michelle Godin - the bulk of the layout uses this kit which I just loved for this challenge (from Scrap Artist)

ISABELL by Anja J (the doodle heart)

SUNNY DAY by Aja Abney

CORRUGATED CIRCLES by Amy Martin (from The Lilypad I think)

Font Century Gothic

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week 2, Challenge #3

It's Sharon here and I'm posting my layout for Challenge #3 (see above).
As Pene has said, we had to scraplift our own layout using the exact same wording/title/journalling and photo.

My scraplift is of the very first layout that I posted at DST back in March 2008 (see below).

For the new version of the layout, I have applied some dreamy effects to the photo as per a tutorial on Jessica Sprague's blog. I have taken off the original word art and created the same titling using fonts and alphas.

I have used SO IN LOVE kit from Designs by Tater.

Fonts are Vivaldi and Century Gothic.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week Two - Challenge Three

Just took a breath after the last challenge and the next one is up!! This challenge was hosted at GottaPixel. We had to scrap lift our first LO posted in a gallery of our choice.
I chose this LO from my gallery at Jessica Sprague, it was the first LO I ever made in Jessica's Up and Running with Photoshop class.
This is my scrap lift of it using Lavender Mint-berry Cream by Brianna Cox of Scrap'it Designs and Frames with Flourishes No 2-3 by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenge #2 submission

After much discussion amongst the racers, here's our challenge #2 submission and week 1 is down! Only 5 more to go!! The cabin fever theme threw a few people but our layout has been verified! Phew...
For this layout, Pene and I had to both make a contribution. I provided the photos and Pene set the layout up for me to finish off.


Papers - A Work In Progress AUTUMN DREAM and Sweet Blossom Designs AUTUMN DREAM

Fonts - Chiller and Travelling Typewriter

1) eyelet - A Work In Progress AUTUMN DREAM
2) negative strip - Digital Scrapbook Place WELCOME GIFT
3) index tab (includes stitching) - A Work In Progress COUNTRY LIFE
4) glitter splat - A Work In Progress AUTUMN DREAM
5) journalling notepaper - A Work In Progress AUTUMN DREAM
6) acrylic button - April Staker ALMOST FORKS
7) paper swirls - Amanda Rockwell LOVE
8) grungy leather strip - Amanda Rockwell LOVE

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First challenge layout by Sharon

Hi everyone, it's Sharon here and I'm posting up my first ADSR4 layout from Hummie's Challenge. This is going to be so much fun racing around the digi world, being issued with challenges, collecting our prizes for completing our challenges and then hoping we make it to the end of the 6 week stint! Pene and I have got each other to keep us both motivated and inspired. Plus there's a few of our cyber-buddies from Snap & Scrap that are also racing with us. Anyways, here's my first layout for you all! Click the image to go to the ADSR Gallery where you can view all the credits - I have used a few kits from Jofia Devoe.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And we're off....

Woo Hoo! The first challenge has been posted at Hummies World.
We have to 'tear' a photo - I've torn papers using templates, but never torn a photo digitally! So I have learnt a new technique and scrapped two layouts - my first LOs in about a month! This is the one I'II be entering, and you can see the other on my blog.

I've used Brianna Cox's gorgeous Pretty Grungy Kit, and the little butterfly trail is from her Flutter By Me kit. And the lyrics are, of course, from Guns and Roses - gotta love them, even if they are a bit boganish these days LOL!
***Please note that I've updated this LO with some journaling as one of the lovely volunteers at NDIS noted that I hadn't followed the rules - song lyrics were not enough! So thanks for the heads up bunnynose (the voulunteer) and please make sure you read the rules!***