Saturday, February 14, 2009

Challenge 11

Wow, second last challenge for the race! Sad really, I don't want it to end!
This challenge was hosted by Scrap Orchard. We had to ask any one person (dead or alive; family, friend, famous or foe) one question. Who would it be and what would you ask them?
My LO is of my maternal grandmother, who left her husband and her daughter (my mother) when my mother was 2, but took their second child with her. She and her daughter were never seen or heard of again. I've always wanted to know why she left and how she could have left? Why take one child and not the other? Does she realise the pain that caused, even 60 years down the track? Does she know about me and my children? Does she care? Is she even alive? So many questions.....

Supplies - Wedding Treasures by Charlie's Digiscraps, Vintage Photo Action by Sarah Batdorf.

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